Cardiothoracic Expert Witness

Our expert in cardiothoracic surgery has been practicing for over 14 years. He is an MD, board certified in both cardiothoracic surgery, and general surgery. He specializes in heart disease, lung disease, various forms of thoracic cancers, and is an expert on the cutting edge of relatively recent advents in the surgical field such as robotic surgery.

Not only is our expert a person of renown in the actual practice of medicine, but he’s also an experienced legal consultant lending his skill and knowledge to help settle legal disputes. For example, a case may include a person who had been experiencing chest pains and went to be examined by a doctor, but was left underdiagnosed, only for the problems to continue worsening. Our expert would be able to see if perhaps the doctor who had conducted the initial examination had missed some telltale signs of heart disease, the worsening of which could have been prevented with earlier treatment.

In another scenario, maybe a person has been working for a company who use harsh chemicals in their processes such as manufacturing, or cleaning. Perhaps this person develops respiratory problems as a result of not being equipped with proper protection, and these problems require surgery. Our expert would be able to be called upon to determine if the cause of the plaintiff’s problems were, in fact, caused by exposure to substances which they were inadequately protected from.

The heart and lungs are both extremely delicate organs that can carry extreme consequences if not handled with the utmost care and experience. Our expert has the experience to make sure cases involving them are given the proper treatment.