Case Studies

Toxicology Expert Witness – Crude Oil Exposure

Effects of Crude Oil Exposure to Children, Adults, and Pregnant Mothers By Professor of Toxicology in Texas Crude Oil has been pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and is causing numerous and significant health issues for children, pregnant mothers, and adults. Exposure occurs via inhalation, ingestion (of liquid droplets in the air), and direct skin contact. Some of the health effects will be long-term sequelae and may last a lifetime or affect future generations. Crude oil is a known teratogen and can cause birth defects and changes in fetal development. The target organs for crude oil are the hematopoietic (blood forming) system, lymphatic system, nervous system, and reproductive system. The Benzene component...
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Nurse Expert Witness – Completely Informed Consent

Not Completely Informed Consent Nurse from Pennsylvania A young man wanted to alleviate pain in his feet by congenitally deformed fifth toes. In diagnosis, his doctor determined that the patient suffered from moderately splayed feet, with congenital joint fusion of the fifth toes. The fourth toes also were deformed and enlarged. The doctor’s progress notes did not include any discussion of the deformity with the patient. The patient underwent surgery, and awoke to find that both his fifth and fourth toes on both feet had been operated on. Neither doctor’s admitting notes or admitting diagnosis discussed the fourth toe. No justification or discussion with the patient of the fourth toe appears in any...
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Board Certified Economist Expert Witness

Perspectives of An Economist on Life Care Plans Economist from Massachusetts

At trial, an economists opinion regarding the future medical and personal care costs facing an injured plaintiff relies entirely on a life care plan.

To be helpful to the economist, the format of the life care plan should be as close a match as possible to the individual components of the Medical Care Price Index (MCPI). Such categories of care might include Physician Services, Other Professional Services, Prescription Medications, Non- Prescription Medications, Medical Tests, Equipment and Supplies, Non-Medical Goods and Services, Nursing Care, and Facility Care.

For each category of care, the economist needs to know the base year...

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Environmental Expert Witness

Severe Burn Case from Slip, Trip, and Fall Safety, Health, and Environmental expert Case Synopsis: The plaintiff, an engineer doing boiler flue stack gas sampling/analyzing, ran backwards as he was winding up his plastic tubing and fell into an open storm water ditch that received hot water from a boiler continuous blow down line. The engineer received severe burns to over 75% of his body, his heart stopped several times, and he is partially blind as a result of the burns. He eventually returned to work after many skin grafts and is very fortunate to be alive. He was winding the tubing up as another employee was lowering the tubing which got...
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Mechanical Engineer Expert Witness – How Auto Fires Start

How do auto fires start? Mechanical Engineer from Maryland The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that about one fifth of all fires reported are motor vehicle fires, and that the majority of vehicle fires are not related to crashes. The number of non-crash vehicle fires is approximately one in 1,000 registered vehicles. Although frequent, these fires do not seem to attract much attention or investigation, because they do not usually result in injury or property claims beyond the vehicle replacement cost. Vehicle fires usually progress slowly in the early stages, allowing occupants time to escape injury. Injury or fatalities sometimes occur in cases where an occupant is asleep, disabled, intoxicated, or too...
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