Case Studies

Transportation Engineer Expert Witness – Bus Stop Safety

Walking Safely to School Bus Stops Transportation Engineer from New York Children walking safety to school bus stops must be included as a matter of course in the planning, design and operation of roadways. Some elements of roadway design pertain specifically to children safety include shoulders, walkways (including sidewalks) and crosswalks. Roadway width, number of lanes, traffic speed, and traffic volumes all impact the overall ability of children to walk along a roadway. Roadway width affects the time needed to crossover, whereas an operational parameter like traffic directions affects the number of potential conflicts between motorists and the crossing children. A variety of improvements can be used to enhance the safety and mobility...
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Criminal Analyst Expert Witness

Investor Fraud and Ponzi schemes by Criminal Analyst from Pennsyvlania Indictments for Ponzi schemes and investor fraud have been increasing everyday. While pundits, congress and financial experts pinpoint problems with regulatory agencies such as the SEC, the real problem centers on what I call the “Due Diligence Mess,” the way in which this process is handled within the legal and financial community. After the recent sentencing of Bernard Madoff one of his victims made this statement to USA Today, “My due diligence was the SEC. What greater due diligence can you have than the SEC? They failed us.” While I agree that the SEC and the SIPC failed to uncover the crimes of Madoff...
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Industrial Hygienist Expert Witness

Certified Industrial Hygienist from Florida For those of you not dealing with much product liability or personal injury case work, you may not have noticed some newer up ticks and trend lines. For others who have been too focused on one area of this specialized litigation, this note will add to your awareness of things to come. Asbestos-induced mesothelioma is still very busy. The wave of secondary exposures (such as “take home” exposures) has finally hit the shore and is becoming common in court rooms across the land. More and more asbestos-induced lung cancers, that are more challenging cases to prove, are now being filed with great frequency. These cases still have...
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