Emergency Room Specialist from Pennsylvania

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State: Pennsylvania

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Record review, deposition and testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense cases. Currently in practice full time.

Background Info:

This physician reviews the vast majority of cases relating to care in the emergency department or hospital with special emphasis on overdoes, poisonings/envenomations and drug interactions. There is a particular interest in post—mortem and forensic toxicology.

  • Undergraduate:

    • 1988-1992
      Yale University
      New Haven, CT
      BA in Biology

  • Graduate:

    • 1992-1996
      State University of New York
      Stony Brook School of Medicine

  • Post-Graduate:

    • 1996-2001
      Christiana Care Health Systems
      Resident in Emergency and Internal Medicine
      Newark, DE

    • 2001-2003
      Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
      Medical Toxicology Fellowship
      Phoenix, AZ

    • July 1997 – August 1997
      Family practice externship
      Yonkers, NY

Certification and Licensure
  • Specialty Certifications:

    • 2004-Present
      Medical Toxicology

    • 2002-Present
      American Board of Emergency Medicine

    • 2001-Present
      American Board of Internal Medicine

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