Independent Medical Examinations

Because of our large database of board-certified medical practitioners, we are able to assist attorneys and insurance providers regarding their need for physicians to conduct independent medical examinations for the following:

  1. To determine the extent of an injury.
  2. Personal injury claims.
  3. Worker’s compensation claims.
  4. Liability issues.
  5. Determine permanent impairment.
  6. Ability to resume normal activities.
  7. Disability evaluation.

All reviews are performed by the appropriate medical specialist selected from our extensive database acquired since 1983 of board-certified physicians. The selection process is done in conjunction with the attorney or insurance provider.

Reviews include an in-depth review of the file, the medical history, causation, diagnoses, necessity of past and present treatment as well as future treatment. A report is prepared specific to the nature of the claim. Our physicians are available for depositions and testimony.