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Here is an article from one of our Medical Expert Witness', who provided expertise in a case that we consulted on.

Nurse from New Jersey

Many patients slip and fall through the cracks of fall risk assessment protocol long before they actually slip and fall in the hospital or nursing home setting. Lack of attention to mandatory fall risk assessment forms or failure to monitor a patient with the intensity required by their fall risk score proceeds a large number of injuries which could be predicted and prevented. The failure to identify and reassess patients creates an environment of predictable and preventable harm which translates into injury and the need for litigation. Many of these patients demonstrate actual documented changes in behavior which do not translate into a change in the nursing plan or care. An aging population, living longer with chronic illness, and an ever shrinking health care work force provides fertile ground for injury, causation, and litigation.

The choice of the appropriate expert to serve the needs of both attorney and client is paramount in addressing deviations in the standard of care and translating such deviations and their nuances into retributive settlements. The appropriate expert serves as a liaison between attorney and jury, and in serving as such fosters jury awareness of the actual deviation, the breach in duty to the patient, and the standard of care which would have prevented such deviation and injury.

In a litigation environment burdened with caps and loopholes, the use of an appropriate expert provides additional ammunition for the trial attorney to place blame and translate the blame into financial reimbursement. Such pro active expert choice is not only prudent but mandatory.

There are numerous experts who are more than willing to provide testimony for medical malpractice and personal injury litigation cases. Finding the right one is crucial to the strength of your particular case.

Since 1983, Medical Advisors has assisted in the selection of expert witnesses in several thousand cases. Working with plaintiff and defense bar, we have provided medical opinions and testimony which have resulted in competent preparation and in-court support for cases involving medical malpractice, hospital negligence, personal injury, workers’ compensation and product liability.

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