Orthopedic/Spine Expert Witness

A healthy spine is crucial for a person’s ability to function. it protects several critical organs, houses a massive network of nerves, and is the base for free and flexible movement of virtually all of the body’s skeletal networks. As such, legal cases arising from spinal issues often carry with them potentially massive consequence and our legal expert has years of experience as an authority on spine-related matters.

A spine surgeon with an impressive resume, and an expert-among-experts, our doctor is a Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons grad who did his fellowship at The Mayo Clinic and has over ten years working in the field. Our expert has shared research in over 30 national and international meeting presentations, and is published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Our expert has a wide reaching breadth of experience in the legal field including persona injury cases, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, physician competence, and offering second opinions.

Spinal injury can occur in a multitude of scenarios. These can be as a result of auto accidents, workplace incidents, as a result of malpractice, or in many other arenas, and an expert is needed to consult on situations such as these. Sometimes, however, an expert may be needed not just for a plaintiff, but also for a defense. A case may arise in which a plaintiff sues a surgeon wrongfully and, with his depth of skill in spinal practice, our expert is more than capable of analyzing the evidence in such a scenario and determining if a surgeon had been correct in their procedures and practices, absolving the wrongfully prosecuted doctor or not.

There are many specialties in the medical field, but with its network of highly sensitive nerves, moving parts,and the potentially devastating consequences of mishandling, few are more complex than the spine. With such intricacy, comes a need for a person of great specialty and great depth of knowledge. Our expert has that experience.