Pharmacologist from Louisiana

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State: Louisiana

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Available For:

Record review, depositions and testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense cases, telephone conferences,
meetings and evaluations.

Background Info:

This expert reviews cases involving hospital and nursing home drug distributions systems, drug regiment reviews of policies and procedures and pharmaceutical services in long term care facilities.

  • Undergraduate:

    • Northeast Louisiana University School of Pharmacy
      Monroe, Louisiana
      Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

  • Graduate:

    • Louisiana State University
      Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      Masters Degree in Public Administration

  • Doctorate:

    • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
      College of Pharmacy, Little Rock, Arkansas
      Pharmacy Doctorate

  • Professional Licensure:

    • Arkansas Board of Pharmacy
    • Louisiana Board of Pharmacy
    • Mississippi Board of Pharmacy
    • Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

  • Professional Membership:

    • American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
    • Louisiana Society of Hospital Pharmacists
    • Society of Forensic Toxicologists

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