Physical Medicine Expert Witness

Physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine, is the medical branch which looks to restore functional abilities to a person to help rebuild or maintain their quality of life. There are a plethora of instances in which a person may potentially be at risk of losing one or more of these functional abilities such as accidents, workplace mishaps, and malpractice, among others.

Our expert is a board certified practitioner of physical medicine with 35 years of experience in their field. They are experienced in the use of EMG and Nerve Conduction, diagnosing nerve and muscle problems, and extensive evaluation of cases of stroke and brain injury. They describe their discipline as focusing on all areas of the body that are affected by disease processes or injury. This can include such things as damage to a patients ability to speak, eat, use their arms, use their legs, general mobility, inability to get out of bed, and inability to concentrate or focus for work. This can lead to a vast array of potential necessities for care which could include medication, home and other environmental alterations, or even future hospitalizations or surgeries.

A Physical Medicine physician works on legal cases involving malpractice issues. These issues arise out of misdiagnoses and/or complications. For example, our expert would be instrumental in determining what medications or assistance is necessary for the best possible quality of life where a patient has lost physical capabilities due to stroke or other complications.

Another example may be a case of negligence in which a hospitalized patient develops sores due to not being turned at appropriate intervals and our expert would be able to determine this cause and the necessary actions to be taken from there.

Physical Medicine is a branch of medicine with an incredibly far-reaching skill set requiring a vast degree of knowledge and experience. Our expert is a top practitioner in the field with all of the experience, qualifications, and skill to get the best advice.