Materials Engineer

AVAILABLE FOR: Record review, deposition and testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense cases.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The expert is court qualified in the field of Products Liability and Failure Analysis. He has testified on issues involving a plethora of materials including metals, plastics and ceramics. Some of the tools utilized by this expert include metallography, fractography, scanning electron microscopy, tensile and impact testing of subject and exemplar parts.
1988 -- University of Florida B.S. Materials Science and Engineering
1998 -- University of Florida M.S. Materials Science and Engineering
Professional Licenses 1997 - Present -- Registered Professional Engineer
2001 -- Certified Fire and Explosion
2004 -- Investigator HVAC and Indoor Environmental
2007 -- Quality Licensee Certified Welding Inspector
Professional Development Courses July 1997 -- Photo Elastic Stress Measurement presented by The Measurement Group
October 2000 -- Threaded Fasteners and The Bolted Joint Presented by The Society of
March 2001 -- Automotive Engineer National Advanced Fire, Arson, and Explosion Investigation Science and June 2001 -- Technology Seminar presented by the National Association of Fire Investigators
June 2002 -- National Seminar on Fire Analysis Litigation
March 2005 -- Presented by the National Association of Fire Investigators General Topics in Forensic Engineering Presented by the National Academy of Forensic Engineers Fractography presented by the Materials Engineering Institute of ASM International
Professional Memberships/Affiliations National Academy of Forensic Engineers National Society of Professional Engineers Florida Engineering Society American Welding Society

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