Toxicologist/Environmental Scientist

AVAILABLE FOR: Record review, depositions and testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense cases, telephone conferences, meetings, site inspection and evaluation, risk assessment.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This expert deals with a wide range of cases involving both human and environmental exposures to chemical toxicants, including But not limited to oil, naturally occurring (i.e. lead and asbestos) and manufactured chemicals, and hazardous material and radioactive materials like radon. He is familiar with pertinent overseas requirements (i.e. UNEP and WHO) for importion of, transport of, and distribution of importation of hazardous materials.
1969 -- West Virginia University Morgantown, WV B.A.
West Virginia University
1972 -- Morgantown,WV Biology/Biochemistry M.Sc.
2005 -- GeorgeMasonUniversity Fairfax,Virginia EnvironmentalScience/Toxicology Ph.D.
Experience: 1998 - Present -- Senior Scientist at USEPA. Managed major committees/review groups with Superfund and hazardous Waste programs within EPA that were directed to conduct extensive review and update of metals and asbestos exposure characterizations and risk assessments. Managed development of the IEUBK Lead Risk Assessment Model.

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