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Cardiothoracic Expert Witness

Our expert in cardiothoracic surgery has been practicing for over 14 years. He is an MD, board certified in both cardiothoracic surgery, and general surgery. He specializes in heart disease, lung disease, various forms of thoracic cancers, and is an expert on the cutting edge of relatively recent advents in the surgical field such as robotic surgery.

Not only is our expert a person of renown in the actual practice of medicine, but he’s also an experienced legal consultant lending his skill and knowledge to help settle legal disputes. For example, a case may include a person who had been experiencing chest pains and went to be examined by a doctor,...

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Orthopedic/Spine Expert Witness

A healthy spine is crucial for a person's ability to function. it protects several critical organs, houses a massive network of nerves, and is the base for free and flexible movement of virtually all of the body's skeletal networks. As such, legal cases arising from spinal issues often carry with them potentially massive consequence and our legal expert has years of experience as an authority on spine-related matters.

A spine surgeon with an impressive resume, and an expert-among-experts, our doctor is a Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons grad who did his fellowship at The Mayo Clinic and has over ten years working in the field. Our expert has shared...

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Family Medicine Expert Witness from New Jersey

When a last minute request comes in to Medical Advisors, a family medicine expert can answer it. Family medicine doctors serve any patient, from birth to adulthood, regardless of age. The sheer number of patients seen and broad spectrum of health conditions covered by family physician experts allows for more opportunities to experience and serve different cases. A family medicine expert witness can provide expert reports and witness testimony involving family practice, family medicine, general practice, family doctors, and family practitioners. Our expert, with 30 years of experience has the first-hand experience and insight to serve on cases involving  minor surgeries, geriatric medicine and care rendered in nursing facilities. This particular family...
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Hiring the Right Expert Witness

Legal cases deserve qualified experts who are leaders in their field and respected in their community. My extensive background in nursing, paired with my sister's numerous paralegal accomplishments, allows for the careful selection of a preferred expert at the right price for you. As an emergency room nurse, I've had a lot of first-hand experiences in the field. Because of this, I am able to effectively communicate with our experts. This allows me to get to the heart of each case. It's my privilege to talk with and search through our database of technical and medical expert witnesses and select who can provide the best possible services and value. Finding the right expert...
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Dental Expert Witness From Maryland

One of our dental experts/oral surgeon is based in Maryland. With many years of practice, he is board-certified by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, as well as the American Board of Forensic Dentistry. He is an anesthesia examiner for the MD state dental board, and is even a patent holder of a type of trismus device - a device used for helping to fully open the mouth of a patient suffering from TMJ. As a dental expert, he specializes in TMJ, facial pain, trauma, broken teeth and jaws, and difficult diagnoses. Our expert has been conducting lawsuit-based independent medical exams for 25 years and he represents patients in malpractice...
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