Technical Expert Witness

There are numerous technical expert witnesses who are more than willing to provide testimony of a technical or scientific nature in support of litigation. Finding the ideal individual is crucial to the strength of your-particular case. Working with plaintiff and defense bar, we have become professionals at identifying and recruiting the right expert to meet the specific needs of your case.

Technical Network Consulting Service produces expert witnesses for attorneys and insurance companies coast to coast as well as internationally. Working with our extensive database, we are "Your Link to America's Most Qualified Experts". Our trained staff specializes in finding qualified scientific, technical and engineering witnesses in your geographical area. A detailed telephone consultation explores all aspects of your case. This simplifies the job of finding the right expert.

At Technical Network Consulting Service, our experienced team eliminates the time-consuming and expensive search for that invaluable expert. All questions are answered promptly.

Get the right Consultant and the right Consulting service! Working with our extensive database, we make sure your licensed consultant are available when you need them, where you need them.