“Your expertise was invaluable to us, and the successful resolution of the case would not have been possible without your help.”
“I am pleased to inform you that the wrongful death case has settled. The case settled for the full policy limits of 1 million.I really appreciate the expert’s hard work in this matter. We certainly would not have obtained a full policy settlement without his opinions concerning the conscious pain and suffering/pre-impact terror. It was a pleasure working with you. Should I have another conscious pain and suffering/pre-impact terror case again in the future, I will undoubtedly be contacting you.”
“I can endorse the experts as providing top notch service for me in a recent anesthesiology case that we won!”
“It’s great knowing that there are people like you who are ready to help in the last minute crunch.”
“The defense hired a top quality expert to oppose our pharmacist expert. The case went to a Medial Review Panel and that panel unanimously rejected the position of the defense expert. After cross examination (assisted by the pharmacist you provided) the defense expert also agreed with our pharmacist on the key liability issue. The defense settled to avoid losing a summary judgement on liability.”
“The terms of the settlement are confidential, but I was pleased with the outcome, which was due in no small part to your efforts and that of (Doctor), who I would highly recommend to anyone needing his expertise in the future.”
“You are on the top of my expert request list!”
“I wanted to thank you, and the people at Tech Med, for all the work that was done on this case. Without your expertise, the matter would not have settled for the six figures it did. I am very happy with your work and will be using you on all my cases in the future, as well as recommending you to colleagues.”
“I’d like to thank you and Medical Advisors for your help in securing for us expert witnesses in several medical malpractice cases. We have found the experts whom you have provided to be qualified doctors and good witnesses.I have also appreciated the witness’ willingness to sit down and talk with me, whether face to face or by telephone.I also appreciated Medical Advisors’ recent willingness to allow us to use your offices for a day-long video deposition of a Philadelphia area physician. Your help and that of your staff enabled us to minimize the difficulties presented in the taking of such a complicated, lengthy deposition outside of our own office.”
“The purpose of this letter is to let you know how pleased I was with the services of Medical Advisors, Inc., and in particular with the services of the doctor. As an expert, the doctor was terrific. He took the time to know the case inside and out, was unshakable on his clinical testimonial, was savvy in the ways of a hearing, and was a please to work with. If other attorneys are looking for a good experts in the area of orthopedic surgery, I would certainly recommend the doctor. I will plan to give you a call in the future if again I need your help in location a good expert. “
“… the nuances of Virginia law make it especially difficult…to find experts qualified and willing to testify in Virginia courts. It was made especially difficult in this case since we were unclear from the beginning what sort of expert we needed-whether a general surgeon would suffice or whether we needed a thoracic surgeon. I know you spent a lot of time and effort tracking down someone qualified and willing to testify and I appreciate your assistance.”
I cannot tell you how helpful you have been in helping us find an expert witness. I never thought I would be in a situation where I had contacted probably three experts and still did not have the kind of opinion that I needed to go to court with.Our office frantically called you and you went to work immediately. You found us a very qualified expert who could help us out quickly. The prices were modest; in fact, I hate to admit it but I had spent the time and effort to locate witnesses personally and had paid significantly more than what you are charging and for what you have done, and you got the results and I did not.
Again, I cannot thank you enough and from the bottom of my heart, I am very appreciative.

As you know, for many years, we have asked for your expertise in determining the best medical experts to consult, review records, write reports and testify on behalf of some of our clients in Court. Fortunately, we have been successful in most cases. This is due, in no small part, to your involvement in these matters.You have asked us to comment on the involvement of the gastroenterology expert in our most recent case. The doctor was willing, from the beginning, to take the time to educate us and himself on all the facts and medical issues involved. He focused on the areas of negligence that he believed were indefensible and convinced us to not pursue any areas of negligence that could be more questionable.

He has a wonderful rapport with the jury and was very knowledgeable, open and believable. Despite the fact that this was his first time testifying in Court and that the defendants were represented by an excellent, experienced attorney, his opinions did not waiver and he remained strong and clear in his beliefs. We believe that this substantial, unanimous verdict was contributed to by the strength of this doctor’s testimony, his preparation and his character.

“I would like to thank you for providing me with a products liability expert recently. I found him to be extremely accessible, reliable and thorough with regard to his review of the subject of the inquiry. I also found his credentials to be quite impressive and his analysis of the situation was extremely helpful.”
“I was extremely pleased with my experience with Technical Network this past year. We were contacted promptly by the expert that was suggested. He remained accessible to us throughout the case. He promptly returned calls, which may be the highest compliment you can pay to someone in these hurried days.What particularly impressed me about my experience was that the expert was very qualified, yet had not been overused in the Courtroom. Too often we see experts that are professional witnesses, and that becomes the focus of the cross examination versus the content of their testimony.”

“Just to let you know, out case settled earlier this week. The experts did an absolutely fantastic job! They have superb command of the subject matter, and they are extremely detailed-oriented. I could not have asked for a better expert. I cannot thank them enough, nor you for sending me to them.”

“I wanted to update you–this case settled at mediation yesterday. Again, thank you for your prompt turnaround on this case and your assistance. Without it, we would not have been able to recover from the hospital for this loss. On behalf of the client’s family and my office, our sincere gratitude. Again, thank you! Elyce, the nurse expert was perfect, assertive in deposition, and hammered the point that lead to settlement.”
“Thanks for your fine efforts in obtaining the Certificate of Merit. Your exemplary service, as usual, is very much appreciated.”
“You guys have been great!!”
“Medical Advisors has been very helpful in identifying qualified medical and technical experts.”
“I found the expert to be excellent to work with and he did a very good job explaining the import of the medical findings in the case that I had been working on. Please pass on my thanks to him for his services.”
“The Expert was a big help in getting our case resolved favorably.