Case Studies

Hospital Administrator Expert Witness

Hospital Administrator from Florida Medical malpractice cases require stringent and comprehensive clinical review and attorneys always employ medical experts to review their cases. Often overlooked is the use of a hospital administration expert who can add significantly to the case by evaluating the corporate responsibilities of the hospital involved in the matter. It is important to utilize a person who has actually worked as a hospital administrator and, indeed, some states require a person actively engaged in the field. While many physicians feel that they have hospital administrative experience, it may not be adequate to evaluate hospital compliance with accreditation standards, licensure regulations, and administrative policy and procedures. As a person with nearly...
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General Surgery Expert Witness

BARIATRIC SURGERY – MALPRACTICE ISSUES General Surgeon from New York City Over the past several years, the number of bariatric surgery operations (surgery for weight loss) has grown from a handful to over 150,000 procedures per year in the USA alone, increasing faster than any other procedure. Since these procedures are complex and the patients are of high surgical risk, the number of complications and mortalities are significant. Inevitably, concerns about malpractice have followed. In evaluating a potential claim for malpractice in a bariatric surgical case, several issues require analysis. Indications -- The indications for bariatric surgery are well established, starting with an NIH consensus conference in 1992. The patient who is a...
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Neurosurgeon Expert Witness

Back Pain Neurosurgeon from North Carolina Low back pain is one of the most common symptoms a physician encounters in the general patient population. Low back pain occurs at least once in 85% of the population aged 50 or less and is the fourth most common complaint in outpatient medicine. The medical costs associated with low back pain are surpassed only by those associated with cancer and heart disease. As a result of its ubiquity, the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain is frequently associated with litigation. In general, such litigation involves the failure to diagnose a serious condition causing low back pain, negligence in the performance of lumbar surgery, or...
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Legal Nurse Expert Witness

Experts for Cases Involving Health, Injury or Illness By Nurse from New Jersey

When an attorney thinks of utilizing a Legal Nurse Consultant, nursing and medical malpractice cases are natural fits, but there are other areas of law where their services can be of great benefit.

Nurses’ knowledge of health and disease combined with care management and the inner workings of the health care delivery system can be utilized by lawyers in Marital and Family Law, Elder Law and Wills and Estates. It is here the nurse can identify medical conditions and interpret the impact they have on custody, work, and competency issues and long term care needs. Nurse care...

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Neurosurgery Expert Witness

Lumbar Surgery and Litigation

Neurosurgeon from North Carolina

The negligent performance of lumbar surgery may also give rise to litigation. Negligence in the actual performance of lumbar surgery, however, is infrequently documented in the medical records and may be difficult to prove. On the other hand, such actions as performing a diskectomy or laminectomy at the incorrect level almost always falls below the applicable standard of care and can be independently proven.

Other examples of negligence during surgery include certain aspects of lumbar fusion surgery, iliac vein or aortic perforation, and the failure to repair a dural tear or leak when recognized. Examples of intraoperative mishaps that rarely rise...

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