Choosing the Right Medical Expert

Finding the right expert witness can be crucial to your success. Medical Advisors has assisted in the selection of expert witnesses for the past 35 years for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. To make sure the expert is a strong fit for your case, the following are some things we consider when selecting our experts.

Educated and Experienced

We provide top ranked and board-certified medical and technical expert witnesses who have many years of experience in their fields. Their experiences allows them to jump into cases on short notice and then confidently provide competent opinions. Our expert witnesses have testimony experience which allows them to present their opinions in a convincing manner.

Attentive and Detail-Oriented

Experienced expert witnesses are also attentive and detail-oriented. This is especially important because expert testimonies require nitty details and vagueness can be detrimental. Our experts understand the process of testifying and can confidently deliver their opinions, no matter the line of questioning.

Fact-Based, but no jargon

Jargon can be confusing to a jury so it’s important that an expert witness knows and understands how-to speak to a jury. Complicated verbiage is necessary, but is not supported without strong explanation. We provide experts who are trained as witnesses who can effectively communicate their opinions in the face of hostile cross examination.

You can trust Tech Med Experts for professional, experienced, and audience-focused experts. Our trained staff specializes in finding qualified scientific, technical and engineering witnesses in your geographical area. We have 4,000 experts nationwide available at a moment’s notice, whenever you need — and they are all just a phone call away.