Dental Expert Witness From Maryland

One of our dental experts/oral surgeon is based in Maryland. With many years of practice, he is board-certified by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, as well as the American Board of Forensic Dentistry. He is an anesthesia examiner for the MD state dental board, and is even a patent holder of a type of trismus device – a device used for helping to fully open the mouth of a patient suffering from TMJ.

As a dental expert, he specializes in TMJ, facial pain, trauma, broken teeth and jaws, and difficult diagnoses.

Our expert has been conducting lawsuit-based independent medical exams for 25 years and he represents patients in malpractice suits. For example, he describes a situation in which a patient undergoes treatment for oral pain. Their dentist diagnoses the problem as being related to a tooth, and so the patient is given a root canal to remove it, but during the procedure, the patient’s jaw is fractured because the source of the pain was actually not the tooth in question, rather it was related to joint dysfunction. This would be a basis for a malpractice suit.

Another example he gives is in favor of a dentist. He provides an example in which a patient receives a dental implant to help treat pain, but the implant fails. The patient undergoes a second procedure, but the implant fails a second time, and even a third time. The patient seeks to sue their dentist due to the failure, but upon our expert’s examination, it is found that the reason for the failure is that the patient had been instructed to stop smoking, especially during the healing process. The patient chose to ignore their dentist’s instruction resulting in never actually being able to heal properly. It is, therefore, the fault of the patient.

It is imperative in a legal proceeding, especially one based in medicine, that experts be
authorities in their field and our dental expert is. Knowledge and experience are the keys to building a strong case, and for knowledge, experience, and credibility in the dental field, legal representatives need look no further.

Since 1983, Medical Advisors has assisted in the selection of expert witnesses in several thousand cases. Working with plaintiff and defense bar, we have provided medical opinions and testimony which have resulted in incompetent preparation and in-court support for cases involving medical malpractice, hospital negligence, personal injury, workers’ compensation and product liability.