How Does Medical Advisors Choose a Family Medicine Expert Witness?

When a last minute request comes in to Medical Advisors, a family medicine expert can answer it. Family medicine doctors serve any patient, from birth to adulthood, regardless of age. The sheer number of patients seen and broad spectrum of health conditions covered by family physician experts allows for more opportunities to experience and serve different cases.

A family medicine expert witness can provide expert reports and witness testimony involving family practice, family medicine, general practice, family doctors, and family practitioners.

Our expert, with 30 years of experience has the first-hand experience and insight to serve on cases involving  minor surgeries, geriatric medicine and care rendered in nursing facilities.

This particular family medicine expert specialized in informatics workflows in the medical field and researched how workflows should be effectively used. As technology evolves, so should the medical industry.  Electronic medical records (EMRs) were created to be an efficient way for doctors to collect data, and as it continues to grow the field must adapt.

These EMR’s were built by computer technicians, not by clinical workers. The system structure is based off anticipated needs of offices and hospitals, though the system isn’t necessarily built for clients. Because of this, there needs to be a team of people who are qualified to translate this data to help make things more user friendly.

Accuracy is utmost important in cases and EMR’s play a large role in this. An expert who has experience using these informatics  workflows in the medical field will allow for quicker, effective testimony.

Since 1983, Medical Advisors has assisted in the selection of expert witnesses in several thousand cases. Working with plaintiff and defense bar, we have provided medical opinions and testimony which have resulted in incompetent preparation and in-court support for cases involving medical malpractice, hospital negligence, personal injury, workers’ compensation and product liability.