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How Maternal & Fetal Medicine Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Legal Case

Find maternal & fetal medicine expert witnesses who are qualified to provide reports and statements concerning medical care for women with high-risk pregnancies and fetuses at risk. These OBGYN specialists may consult breech presentation and delivery, Cesarian section or C-section, multiple pregnancy, preterm labor, vaginal birth after Cesarian, postpartum hemorrhage and complications, and other areas. A maternal & fetal medicine expert witness may be asked by an attorney for expert reports regarding antenatal fetal testing, cord prolapse, cervical cerclage, gestational diabetes, fetal arrhythmia, macrosomia, hydrops fetalis, hepatitis B and C, and eclampsia, among others. These professionals may also give testimony in the event of neglect, malpractice, or complications on the fetus or pregnancy.

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