Expert ID: 1132

State: Pennsylvania

Bio Snapshot


Franklin School of Science and Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Medical Lab Technician Certification 1963

Harrisburg Area Community College
Harrisburg, PA
AA Nursing (1981)

Graceland College
Lamoni, Iowa
BSN Credits (1998-1999)

Jacksonville University
Jacksonville, FL
Continuing Nursing Courses for BSN (2000-2001)

Board Certifications:

Subsequent to my position as R.N. Fraud Investigator, I opened my own consulting firm. As owner of this consulting service, I have performed audits and voluntary disclosures for providers, and have worked with attorneys in Health Care and Fraud cases involving physicians, ambulance and specialty physician providers.

I have reviewed medical records, performed audits and attended appeals and ALJ hearings and have successfully assisted attorneys with overturning Medicare/Medicaid extrapolated cases of more than 2.8 million dollars.

As a nurse consultant and a member of AALNC, I am eligible to obtain my certification in Legal Nurse Consulting.

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