Orthopedic Expert Witness from Illinois

It is a reality that as an attorney you have limited time to get an expert in a narrow area of study.

When a case comes in and I need to connect an attorney to an expert witness, I immediately search our database of resources to identify and pair an expert that matches the needs.

The field of orthopedics deals with parts of the body that may be the most prone to injury in a work, or movement related incident. As such, an expert in this specialty must be highly trained and qualified, with sharp sensibilities to deal with multiple complex systems.

Our orthopedic expert witness from Illinois is a board certified orthopedic surgeon by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery with an added qualification in surgery of the hand who has testified in depositions for more than 23 years. When an attorney called looking to review the quality of treatment of a rotator cuff surgery, our expert immediately joined the case to provide insight.

As an expert in the upper extremities, the witness commonly consults and testifies in cases regarding orthopedics and orthopedic surgeries. His focus on objectively reviewing cases and bringing truth, honesty and integrity to the system ensure a quality statement.

He continually provides insightful feedback to cases and established himself as an authority that can be trusted as an expert witness. I’ve trusted him with many cases and continue to refer to him. Our renowned experts across the country have a sincere desire to keep the standards of medical care and testimony high. Finding the right medical expert witness is crucial to the strength of your case.