Over 4,000 experts across the country and still counting

We are not salespeople here. I’m a nurse. My partner and sister, Elyce, is a former paralegal. We have clients who have been with us from the beginning. We’ve come a long way since then, through upheavals in economics and healthcare and that is a major advantage for our clients.

After 37 years running this company, I often find I’m the voice of reason when a case is presented to us. I’m not only a nurse who can speak medical language to physicians, I’m an experienced go-between who can bridge the perspectives of the attorneys and medical experts on a case. Sometimes what is obvious to one is invisible to the other; sometimes interpretations differ vastly. I listen, understand and can articulate varying points of view on a case to bring unanimity and enhance cooperation. Every client is assigned the most appropriate expert or multiple experts. Every client is guaranteed my personal attention.

While every case is unique, the issues often have been addressed in other cases. I know who the most appropriate expert is. I know how rulings have gone in the past. At this point, there’s no learning curve. My background and experience make me able to see the big picture immediately and act quickly and accordingly.

Today, we have an extensive database of over 4,000 experts across the country. Most are academics and board-certified, established practitioners who have experience in court.

We recruit from major medical schools. We work with both plaintiff and defense attorneys, corporations, municipalities and government agencies to provide experts in cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, worker’s compensation and product liability.

Time is critical to our clients and we understand the tight deadlines that you face. Email me or call me directly (800) 666-7045 to discuss how we can connect you with the right expert for your case.