As you know, for many years, we have asked for your expertise in determining the best medical experts to consult, review records, write reports and testify on behalf of some of our clients in Court. Fortunately, we have been successful in most cases. This is due, in no small part, to your involvement in these matters.You have asked us to comment on the involvement of the gastroenterology expert in our most recent case. The doctor was willing, from the beginning, to take the time to educate us and himself on all the facts and medical issues involved. He focused on the areas of negligence that he believed were indefensible and convinced us to not pursue any areas of negligence that could be more questionable.

He has a wonderful rapport with the jury and was very knowledgeable, open and believable. Despite the fact that this was his first time testifying in Court and that the defendants were represented by an excellent, experienced attorney, his opinions did not waiver and he remained strong and clear in his beliefs. We believe that this substantial, unanimous verdict was contributed to by the strength of this doctor’s testimony, his preparation and his character.