Chronology for Personal Injury

Legal Nurse Expert Witness

A medical chronology is a record of the medical events in their occurrence. Because of our large database of registered legal nurses, we are able to assist attorneys and insurance providers regarding their need for chronologies for personal injury cases.

All chronologies are performed by the appropriate registered nurse selected from our extensive database acquired since 1983.

The chronology includes reading through the medical records to identify, locate, review and interpret relevant information from the medical records. The medical chronology will follow the attorney throughout the case providing a time line summary of events.

  • Chronology of Medical Events
  • Educates Attorney's on Medical Issues & Terminology
  • Recommends the Type of Experts Needed to Pursue the Case
  • Notes any Records Missing that are Pertinent
  • Explains Medical Issues the Client had and Assists with Determining the Extent of Damages/Injuries