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How DWI Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Legal Case

DWI is dangerous as it can lead to serious accidents and caused injuries or even death of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Our DWI expert witnesses have the knowledge of and experience with standardized field sobriety testing, chemical tests like blood or urine test, and breathalyzer tests. These specialists are also reliable sources of information and testimony regarding drunk driving, driving under the influence, DUI, impaired driving, DUI or DWI laws, breath alcohol analysis, forensic toxicology, forensic ethanol analysis, intoxilyzer, overdose, marijuana, opioid addiction, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, excessive drug use, alcohol dependence, drug dependence, and chemical dependence. A DWI expert witness from this list may testify in the event of vehicular accidents and personal injury and may participate in accident reconstruction.

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