To be a legal nurse consultant (LNC) one must work in the field and have an RN license.

A qualified legal nurse consultant can testify in legal cases, write strong reports and be a differentiator in depositions. Our expert witnesses can provide objective opinions on whether nurses met the appropriate standard of care when they treated patients.

To be a legal nurse consultant (LNC) one must work in the field and have an RN license. Our high degree of experience, education and training are what set us apart. Legal nurse consultants provide their services to prosecutors and attorneys to determine if the applicable standards of care were followed.

With 19 years of experience and hundreds of cases reviewed, one of our legal nurse consultants has testified for critical care, general nursing, intensive care, and emergency room cases. Our legal nurse consultant is a member of the professional communities, About American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

An attorney recently used another service to hire an expert who looked good on paper, but ultimately couldn’t perform. Though she was a well-known expert, her deposition wasn’t involved enough so she couldn’t defend their position like they needed her to. She was taken off the case. Once Medical Advisors brought in one of our experts, they successfully closed the case.

Experience is what counts, especially in critical care. When looking for a nurse, you want someone who has been working in the field long enough to understand the nuances of cases.

Needing to replace an expert mid-case is a difficult situation that happens often in the field when the correct expert isn’t chosen. Instead, start strong by hiring an expert witness who has the
fortitude and experience to thoroughly examine cases.

Medical Advisors Inc. has the resources to find you a medical expert for case review and testimony. We specialize in short deadlines.