Toxicology Expert Witness from Pennsylvania

Toxicologists offer a data-driven logical analysis of a problem and objectively interpret information for context.

Many testimonies call for an interpretation of drug screenings to explain what it means and draw conclusions about it’s relation to intoxication/impairment. In many cases, experts must address alcohol consumption and analyze if it impacted an accident or outcome of a scenario.

DUI and drug overdoses are sometimes reviewed by non-toxicologists or a medical examiner. Instead, an expert that specializes in this area can look at a body of work with a focused lens and provide an objective evaluation—crucial to your case.

One of our leading toxicologists is recognized as a renowned expert with 16 years of experience in his field. He’s provided his expert testimony in cases since the beginning of Medical Advisors, Inc.

As a medical toxicologist, an emergency room physician and a researcher, he is actively involved in medical literature and current in medical toxicology. His areas of expertise include post-mortem toxicology, intoxication and withdrawal states, discrete job screens and occupational exposures.

A professional in the field, he is clinically embedded in the field and practices cases daily concerning addiction issues, opioids, venomous bites, occupational exposures, and lead/mercury in the workplace.

What ultimately separates a medical toxicologist from other physicians is their ability to analyze different data sets, draw correlations, and use their insight from day to day practices to provide a fact based, expert testimony.

This expert is available to review cases involving overdoses, prescription medications, illicit drugs, treating withdrawal symptoms, alcohol and opioids. He can also analyze occupational exposures, lead/mercury in the work area and analyze urine drug screens.

He has given expert testimony on interpretation of drug screenings, to identify and understand what drug screenings represent and how that relates to intoxication/impairment. He can interpret testing and evidence of intoxication and interpret post mortem analysis.