When an Attorney Calls With a Deadline

The attorney, a client working with us for the first time, called me on a Monday afternoon at 4 p.m., under pressure to meet a filing deadline by midnight that night. He needed a medical expert witness in a narrow field of medicine, cardiac electrophysiology.

“We have two doctors who can review this case tonight,” I told him. “‘Tonight?’ he said, a little bit in disbelief. ‘Yes, tonight.’ I said, much to his relief.”

The cardiac electrophysiology medical expert witness reviewed the case during the specified timeframe. The attorney met his deadline, remarking that he put tremendous faith in the credibility and knowledge of the expert I had selected for him.

The original phone call about the case first came in that Friday. But, as we know, legal cases that require medical expert witnesses sometimes switch gears. On Monday, once the attorney realized he needed a different type of medical expert witness than originally stated, and his deadline rapidly approaching, he called me hoping for the best. And the best is what we provided.

Thanks to our 35 years in business, I’m able to connect attorneys with a wide network of available medical experts on a moment’s notice – even if, thanks to shifting deadlines and priorities, that initial call comes in at 9:30 on a Friday night.